Zombie Siege 0.1.396 Apk mod (App) For Android Download

Zombie Siege APK
Free download Zombie Siege android app latest version Apk + Mod
Version: 0.1.396
Developer: Elex Strategy
FileName: Zombie Siege
Requirements: 4.0.1+

Zombie Siege Description Overview Apk + Mod for Android

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Zombie Siege apk downloading links
“Zombie Siege” is a global online apocalypse survival RTS modern war game. FPS elements bring you face to face with the walking dead and allow you to strike back firsthand.

City-Building Game – Fort Building Strategy, Emphasis on Teamwork
Gather resources, build an army, and resist the zombie horde.
Join an alliance and find allies. Enlarge your territory and fight other powerful contenders.

Zombie Siege apk for android game Reviews

Whole World Online
Compete and socialize with survivors from all around the world, and view wars breaking out worldwide in real time.
Summon Officers
Officers possess unique active and passive skills to supercharge your army.

Zombie Siege Update

1. Added legendary officer: Night Leopard; Epic Officer: Chef Ford
2. Optimized Zombie factory and troops: Reduced upgrade and build time for Zombie Factory, reduced building level requirement to produce Prototype Cyborgs and Bulimic Cyborgs. Level 15, 16, 17 Zombie Factory added: Giant Cyborg, Brawler Cyborg, Berserker Cyborg
3. Added emotes to chat
4. Adjusted troop march interface; players can customize their current march team
5. Optimized interface for troop alterations


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