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Developer: Backflip Studios, Inc.
FileName: Transformers: Earth Wars Beta
Update: 2019-05-29
Requirements: 4.0.1+

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Assemble the ultimate team of legendary Transformers robots- including Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Soundwave, Starscream & many more. Will you join forces with the Decepticons or ally with the Autobots? Choose your side! Build an impenetrable base. Wage war against the opposing faction by defeating other players and raiding their bases for energon stockpiles.

Construct a Space Bridge to summon reinforcements from Cybertron. Deploy Starscream for air strikes to destroy laser cannons, penetrate defenses with an Optimus Prime ram attack, or repair your team with the healing ability of Autobot Ratchet. Earth’s fate is in your hands. Whose side are you on? Earth’s fate is in your hands.
What’s new
Sky Lynx and Blitzwing are here and ready to battle! Both are equipped with two abilities, that can be chained for explosive results!
Sky Lynx is the self-proclaimed ‘most heroic, magnificent and powerful Autobot’. Sometimes a bird, sometimes a lynx, sometimes a combination of the two, but always awesome!
Blitzwing is a terror on the battlefield and few can equal his bludgeoning power in robot, tank or jet mode. But his gleeful thuggery wins him few admirers and even fewer friends.


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